State Enterprises is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of blind fasteners. The wide variety of products includes blind rivets, insert nuts, self-clinching studs, self-clinching standoffs, self-clinching nuts, cage nuts, tools, etc.


Specialized in weld-less fastening systems, State enterprises established in 2005; caters to the applications of various industries all around the globe. The customer’s applications range from OEM, OEM suppliers, aerospace, construction, machinery, medical, electrical, and electronics. Following the global policy and system State Enterprises is QMS certified.

In 2012 State enterprises started its in-house manufacturing unit SL FASTENERS PVT LTD.

SL FASTNERES manufactures all types of blind rivets like aluminum blind rivets, steel blind rivets, stainless steel blind rivets, multigrip rivets, large flange rivets, semi-tubular rivets, and solid rivets. An IATF/TS/TUV certified organization SL Fasteners is capable of catering to blind rivets requirements for all segments all around the world.

State Enterprises and SL Fasteners Pvt ltd stocks more than 50 million pieces of fasteners in their large finished good warehouse. Our alignment and attention to a customer-centric approach have helped us to remain unbeaten in providing state-of-the-art manufacturing and services.

Our research and development department takes utmost initiative in assisting many of the significant manufacturers in finding solutions per their applications. We strive to be a partner of choice for top-quality fasteners and play a significant role in custom application development.



Standard Blind Rivets


Blind rivets are fasteners that join two parts where the rear end is not known. These are new technology fasteners that provide high strength and durability to materials. State enterprises manufacture all sizes and varieties of standard blind rivets in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel material. These blind rivets are made as per ASME, DIN, and IFI standards.

Close Type Blind Rivet

Closed blind rivets are tubular rivets with a sealed mandrel inside the rivet body. The head of the mandrel stays inside the rivet, unlike open-type rivets. State enterprises supply all types of closed blind rivets as per customer application. The head types are CSK heads, dome heads, and large flange heads. All sizes and varieties of standard blind rivets are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel materials. These blind rivets are made as per ASME, DIN, and IFI standards

Multi-Grip Rivets


Multigrip rivets are used in applications of varied thicknesses. These rivets are used in a wide variety of applications and feature a wide grip range. State enterprises manufacture all types of multi-grip blind rivets as per customer application. The head types are CSK heads, dome heads, and large flange heads. All sizes and varieties of standard blind rivets are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel material. These blind rivets are made as per ASME, DIN, and IFI standards.

Trifold Rivet


State enterprises sell trifold rivets to customers, especially for automotive and plastic parts applications. These rivets make a flower pattern when the mandrel is pulled through it. These rivets expand in these directions making them trifold rivets. Basically manufactured in Aluminium, customizable sizes and colored rivets are also available. A tri-fold rivet has better retention than a standard pop rivet due to its increased surface area on the blind end of the installation.

M-Bolt Rivet


State enterprises supply M-bolt rivets all over the globe. These rivets are able to close gaps in misaligned sheets and can be used even in oversize or irregular holes. This fastener is commonly used in the construction of commercial vehicle bodies, buses, large cabinets, and other high-stress applications. M-bolt rivets are also called high-strength rivets.

I-Lock Rivet


I lock rivets are also called Friction Lock Rivets. These rivets provide improved strength to application. Available in Steel and Stainless Steel materials both. The hole-filling reference ensures that the Interlock rivet will expand radially into the application opening to give a safe, vibration-resistant joint and make up for irregular, oversized, slotted, or misaligned holes. Also, I-Lock rivets can stop sheet movement in applications with non-standard holes. The primary feature of Interlock Rivets is the mechanical locking feature where the portion of rivet mandrel remaining after rivet placement is captured within the rivet. 

H-Lock Rivet


State Enterprises sells H-Lock Rivets in all sizes and materials. These are structural break stem fasteners with exceptional shear and tensile strength. The grooved mandrel ensures safe locking. H lock are also high-strength structural rivets

ST-Bulb, ST-Nox Rivet


ST-Bulb Rivets are high-strength steel break stem fasteners that have excellent bulbing tail formation. State Enterprises deals with all types of high-strength structural rivets. Stainless steel St-nox blind rivets provide a high-strength fastening solution that is ideal for thin sheet metals.

B-Tite Rivet


The B-tite rivet body folds into three separate legs forming a large blind-side head. This large bearing head evenly distributes the B-Tite high clamp force in soft, thin, or brittle materials while providing high pull-through resistance. B-tite rivets generally come with a neoprene rubber washer. These are developed to solve application requirements in the pre-engineered metal building, roofing, and siding industry.

Insert Nuts

Insert nuts are fasteners that provide a casing for bolts and strengthen the sheet metal connection. Various sizes M3 to M12 in steel and stainless steel is supplied by state enterprises. Different sizes of nuts like round, hex, semi hex, and UNC thread are available as per customer-specific applications.

Self Clinching Stud

For sheet metal components below 1mm thickness studs provide high torque resistance. These are also known as flush head studs. Various sizes M2.5 to M8 in steel and stainless steel are supplied by state enterprises. The available stud length varies from 6mm to 35mm

Self Clinching Standof


Self-clinching standoff provides spacing between components in an assembly. These standoffs can be blind or open types. Various sizes M3 to M5 in steel and stainless steel are supplied by state enterprises. The available standoff length varies from 6mm to 25mm. 

Self Clinching Nuts

Self-clinching nuts are a replacement for weld nuts. They provide better gripping and are used in sheet metal components of less grip range. State enterprises supply self-clinching nuts of various thread sizes starting from M2.5 to M12. Self-clinching nuts are available in steel and stainless steel as per customer-specific applications

Cage Nuts

Cage nuts provide a casing for bolts where the application holes are of square shapes. State enterprises cater to customer requirements for steel and stainless steel cage nuts for thread sizes M3 to M12.

Rivet Tool


To install the rivets , state enterprises provides solutions in form of manual rivet tools, hydropneumatic rivet tools, battery operated rivet tool, electric rivet tool and solid rivet tools. These tools are imported from our trusted suppliers and state enterprises provides their 24*7 after sales and service all around the year.

Insert Nut Tools


To install the rivet nuts, state enterprises provide solutions in form of manual rivet nut tools, pneumatic rivet nut tools, Hydro pneumatic rivet nut tools, and battery-operated rivet nut tools,s, and electric rivet nut tools. These tools are imported from our trusted suppliers and state enterprises provide their 24*7 after-sales and service all around the year.

Semi Tubular Rivets


State Enterprises and SL fasteners Pvt ltd started manufacturing semi-tubular rivets in 2021. Seeing the increasing demand for semi-tubular rivets in India and overseas these rivets are made in our own factory. These semi-tubular rivets are made in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel as per DIN, ASME, and IFI standards

SelF Drilling Screws


We provide a wide range of Self Drilling Screws (SDS) in all types like Hex Head. CSK Head, Pen Head, and Truss Head. Our Self Drilling Screws (SDS) has Five Star Brand name in the marketplace and FS as a logo on the screw head. Self-drilling screws drill their own hole and tap their own thread. They provide high pull-out strength, shear strength, maximum thread engagement, and positive fastening in both structural steel and timber constructions. With the help of Self drilling fasteners, drilling and fastening jobs are simplified into one.

Great Service 

State Enterprises and S.L Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. is a very known name in the fasteners industry due to its quality of services and products.


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We set a high standard in the industry due to our quality of products and create a new milestones on daily basis to maintain our standards.

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State Enterprises and S.L Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. Consists of one of the best Production, Sales, and Services teams, they are always ready to take on every challenge.

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To be on top for a very long period is not easy but State Enterprises maintains its reputation through its creative solutions for every problem. A dedicated customer support team to support all queries and problems of valuable customers.



State enterprises fulfill their customer requirements all around the globe. The major market in India, the Gulf regions, Asia, the USA, and Canada. The customers vary from the automotive industry, electrical and electronics, aerospace, OEM supplier, and large fastener distributors all around the globe.

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Our Brands


7-star brand rives are manufactured from Alum5050 grade. It is the most selling brand as it is favorable in prices and best choice and quality amongst the customers.


5 Star blind rivets are made from Aluminium1100 grade. These rivets are very popular among traders and nonautomotive customers.


The highest quality brand that state enterprises manufacture and supply. The Indian brand rivets are made from Alum5052 and Alum5154 grades. Steel rivets, stainless steel rivets, and aluminum rivets are all available



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