Self Clinching  Blind standoff


State enterprises provide a solution to the self-clinching blind standoff, in which one side is blind or closed. Standoff provides a solution when the application requires space in panels and components in their metal enclosures. Standoffs are used to stack parts or keep components at a defined distance from the panel in which they are installed.

S No.ItemMaterialThread SizeLength Code
1Blind StandoffsMild SteelM3 x 0.5681012141618202225
2Blind StandoffsMild Steel3.5M3 x 0.5681012141618202225
3Blind StandoffsMild SteelM3.5 x 0.6681012141618202225
4Blind StandoffsMild SteelM4 x 0.7681012141618202225
5Blind StandoffsMild SteelM5 x 0.8681012141618202225
S No.ItemMaterialThread SizeLength Code
1Blind StandoffsStainless SteelM3 x 0.5681012141618202225
2Blind StandoffsStainless Steel3.5M3 x 0.5681012141618202225
3Blind StandoffsStainless SteelM3.5 x 0.6681012141618202225
4Blind StandoffsStainless SteelM4 x 0.7681012141618202225
5Blind StandoffsStainless SteelM5 x 0.8681012141618202225
S No.ItemMaterialThread SizeLength Code
1Blind  StandoffsAluminiumM3 x 0.5681012141618202225
2Blind StandoffsAluminium3.5M3 x 0.5681012141618202225
3Blind StandoffsAluminiumM3.5 x 0.6681012141618202225
4Blind StandoffsAluminiumM4 x 0.7681012141618202225
5Blind StandoffsAluminiumM5 x 0.8681012141618202225
S. No.ItemMaterialThread SizeLength Code
1Blind StandoffsStainless SteelUNC-83228