Solid Rivets

State Enterprises manufacturing unit SL Fasteners Pvt Ltd manufactures all types of solid rivets as per customer-specific applications. These solid rivets are manufactured in Aluminium, Steel, and Stainless Steel material. Solid Rivets consist of a shaft and head that are set in place using a rivet gun or hammer. Solid Rivets are used in applications where reliability and safety are most important. Some sizes and images are mentioned below.

Being a custom manufacturer different types of rivets can be made as per customer drawing

Head options of solid rivets are as

  1. Brazier Head Solid Rivets
  2. Flat Head Solid Rivets
  3. CSK Head Solid Rivets

Various sizes of Solid rivets are as mentioned in the table.

Apart from availbale sizes, customized solid rivets are manufactured as per customer drawings and requirements. 

S. No

Dia (inches)

Length (inches)



3/8 , 7/16 , 1/2, 5/8,1



3/8 , 7/16 , 1/2, 5/8,1



1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1

Solid Rivet

Solid Rivet

Solid Rivet

Solid Rivet

Solid Rivet