Self Clinching Nut 

Self-clinching nuts are a replacement for weld nuts. They provide better gripping and are used in sheet metal components of less grip range. State enterprises supply self-clinching nuts of various thread sizes starting from M2.5 to M12. Self-clinching nuts are available in steel and stainless steel as per customer-specific applications.

  • Punch or drill a properly sized mounting hole in the sheet. Do not perform any secondary operations such as debarring.
  • Place the fastener into the anvil hole and place the mounting hole over the shank of the fastener
  • With punch and anvil surfaces parallel, apply to squeeze force until the head of the nut comes into contact with the sheet material.

 Steel Self Clinching Nut


S. No.ItemMaterialThread SizexPitch       Shank Code/Sheet Code
1Self Clinching NutMild SteelM2 X 0.4012
2Self Clinching NutMild SteelM2.5 X0.45012
3Self Clinching NutMild SteelM3 X 0.5012
4Self Clinching NutMild SteelM3.5 X 0.6012
5Self Clinching NutMild SteelM4 X 0.7012
6Self Clinching NutMild SteelM5 X 0.8012
7Self Clinching NutMild SteelM6 X 1012
8Self Clinching NutMild SteelM8 X 1.25n/a12
9Self Clinching NutMild SteelM10 X 1.5n/a12




 Stainless Steel Self Clinching Nut

S. No.ItemMaterialThread SizexPitchShank Code/Sheet Code
1Self Clinching NutSt. Steel 304 / 400M2 X 0.4012
2Self Clinching NutSt. Steel 304 / 400M2.5 X0.45012
3Self Clinching NutSt. Steel 304 / 400M3 X 0.5012
4Self Clinching NutSt. Steel 304 / 400M3.5 X 0.6012
5Self Clinching NutSt. Steel 304 / 400M4 X 0.7012
6Self Clinching NutSt. Steel 304 / 400M5 X 0.8012
7Self Clinching NutSt. Steel 304 / 400M6 X 1012
8Self Clinching NutSt. Steel 304 / 400M8 X 1.25n/a12
9Self Clinching NutSt. Steel 304 / 400M10 X 1.5n/a12