Self Clinching stud

For sheet metal components below 1mm thickness studs provide high torque resistance. These are also known as flush head studs or clinch studs or punch studs etc.


Self-clinching studs are installed by placing them in a punched or drilled hole in the steel or stainless steel sheet material and squeezing them into space with any regular punch or press machines. All that is required is a flat or recessed punch and a plain anvil having a hole to clear the thread diameter so that force is applied between the top of the stud head and the underside of the steel material. The squeezing action forces the ribs of the stud into the sheet displacing sheet material causing it to fill the annular groove under the lead of the stud.

The Illustrations below indicate suggested tooling for applying installation force. Nate that for sheet 060°/1.57, mmm and thicker the anvil requires only a straight thru-hole to accommodate the stud. For sheets, less than .060°/1.51 mm the hole requires a countersunk with dimension at the top to provide for metal flaws around the shank of the stud.

State Enterprises keeps steel studs and stainless steel studs as per the below sizes.


    Steel Self-Clinching Stud 

MaterialThread SizexPitchShank Code/Sheet Code
Mild SteelM2 X 0.40
Mild SteelM2 X 0.41
Mild SteelM2 X 0.42
Mild SteelM2.5 X0.450
Mild SteelM2.5 X0.451
Mild SteelM2.5 X0.452
Mild SteelM3 X 0.50
Mild SteelM3 X 0.51
Mild SteelM3 X 0.52
Mild SteelM3.5 X 0.60
Mild SteelM3.5 X 0.61
Mild SteelM3.5 X 0.62
Mild SteelM4 X 0.70
Mild SteelM4 X 0.71
Mild SteelM4 X 0.72
Mild SteelM5 X 0.80
Mild SteelM5 X 0.81
Mild SteelM5 X 0.82
Mild SteelM6 X 10
Mild SteelM6 X 11
Mild SteelM6 X 12
Mild SteelM8 X 1.251
Mild SteelM8 X 1.252
Mild SteelM10 X 1.51
Mild SteelM10 X 1.52

  Stainless Steel Self-Clinching Stud

MaterialThread SizexPitchShank Code/Sheet Code
St. Steel 304M2 X 0.40
St. Steel 304M2 X 0.41
St. Steel 304M2 X 0.42
St. Steel 304M2.5 X0.450
St. Steel 304M2.5 X0.451
St. Steel 304M2.5 X0.452
St. Steel 304M3 X 0.50
St. Steel 304M3 X 0.51
St. Steel 304M3 X 0.52
St. Steel 304M3.5 X 0.60
St. Steel 304M3.5 X 0.61
St. Steel 304M3.5 X 0.62
St. Steel 304M4 X 0.70
St. Steel 304M4 X 0.71
St. Steel 304M4 X 0.72
St. Steel 304M5 X 0.80
St. Steel 304M5 X 0.81
St. Steel 304M5 X 0.82
St. Steel 304M6 X 10
St. Steel 304M6 X 11
St. Steel 304M6 X 12
St. Steel 304M8 X 1.251
St. Steel 304M8 X 1.252
St. Steel 304M10 X 1.51
St. Steel 304M10 X 1.52
St. Steel 400M3 X 0.50
St. Steel 400M3 X 0.51
St. Steel 400M3 X 0.52
St. Steel 400M4 X 0.70
St. Steel 400M4 X 0.71
St. Steel 400M4 X 0.72
St. Steel 400M5 X 0.80
St. Steel 400M5 X 0.81
St. Steel 400M5 X 0.82
St. Steel 400M6 X 10
St. Steel 400M6 X 11


Self Clinching Stud

Self Clicnhing Stud

Self Clicnhing Stud

Self Clicnhing Stud