Pneumatic Insert Nut Tools

For istallation of Insert Nut/Rivet Nut State Enterprises provides solution in form of Insert Nut Guns. These Guns uses Spin Technology to install the rivet nuts. Being handy and light in weight and also requiring only air pressure input, Rivet nut guns are best suited for the same. Three models are available LG-801, LG802 and LG-803 as per usage in different rivet nut sizes.

LG-8013000M3.M40.39-0.49 MPA (4- 5KGF/CM2)1.32160200
LG-8021500M5, M60.49-0.59 MPA (5-6 KGF/CM2)1.32160200
LG-803600M8, M100.59-0.69 MPA (5-7 KGF/CM2)1.36160220