Manual Rivet Tools

State Enterprises Manual Rivet Tools provides solutions for installing rivets. Whether they are manual tools or heavy-duty Tools. Manual riveter HR 702 is the selling manual rivet tool

Weight530 gm
Length255 mm
CapacityUpto 4.0 mm rivet for all material and 4.8 mm Aluminium Rivets

Weight1960 gm
Length300 closed,810 open
TypeLazy Tong
CapacityUpto 6.4 mm rivet for all material

Weight1845 gm
CapacityUpto 6.4mm For All Material

Weight1090 gm
Length470 mm
Type Liver
Capacity Upto 4.8 mm For All Material 


Weight760 gm
Length280 mm
TypeSwivel Head Plier
Capacity2.4~ 4.8 mm For All Material