Model No.ZT2318HK
Description1/4″ Air – Hydraulic Lock Bolt Tool  Ki
Traction Power5000 (2300)lbf(kgf)
Stroke Length18inch(mm)
Net Weight5.6 (2.5)lbs( kgs)
Nosepiece Equipped3/16″HUCK-C6L (AVDEL-Avdelok ), 1/4″HUCK-C6L (AVDEL-Avdelok ), 3/16″MAGNA-GRIP ( AVDEL-Maxlok ), 1/4″MAGNA-GRIP (AVDEL-Maxlok ) & 3/16″ 1/4″ nose assembly for blind rivets.inch(mm)
Min- Hose Size3/8(10)inch(mm)


* Built with patented ” Module units assembled in composite clam shell housing ” for the ease of tool service.
* Forged and heat-treated alum. Alloy-made hydraulic section for the best rigidity.
* Easy adjustable head & nut designed for obtaining the most effective stroke.
* Ergonomic texture coated composite housing for operator’s comfort.
* Swivel air inlet design for maneuverability of works.


For lock bolts and M-Lock setting application upto 1/4″ max.


Muffler Cap X1,Deflector X1,Multi-Wrench (A) X1,Multi-Wrench (B) X1,5mm Hex. Wrench X1,Oiler X1,
6mm Hex. Wrench X1,17×19 Wrench (2) X1,19X21 Wrench X1,
total 4 sizes of lock bolt nose assembly & 3/16″ 1/4″ nose assembly for blind rivets.