For use in façades and laminates, State Enterprises manufactures and trades colored rivets as per customer-specific requirements. The HPL Color Rivet provides better fastening and lifelong support to the wooden façades.

Facade rivets are available in both Head Paint (HP) and Full Paint (FP) profiles. HPL Color Rivet  On head paint rivets the color coating is on the head of the blind rivets whereas on full paint rivets the color coating is on the entire rivet body. HPL Color Rivet The 4.8mm x 19.3mm colored rivets come with a large flange head of 16mm. HPL Color Rivet The rivet body is of Alum 5154 grade and the mandrel of stainless steel 304 grade

RAL 1000,1003,1006,1015,1019,1021

RAL 3000,3002,3005,3028

RAL 5005,5012,5017,5021

RAL 6000,6028,6029

RAL 7012,7015,7022,7024,7026,7037,7038,7044,7046,7047

RAL 8001,8002,8003,8004,8008,8015,8016,8017,8019,8023,


RAL 9001,9003,9006,9010,9005

and many more RAL colored rivets as per customer applications