State enterprises provide solutions for plastic and low-strength materials in the form of the trifold rivet. These trifold rivets form a three-part folding riveting structure. Trifold rivet are also available in Black and other RAL color codes per customer application requirements. The rivet body and mandrel are both of aluminum, hence called aluminum trifold rivets.

Diameters and lengths available in trifold rivets are:


1. 4.0 mm Trifold rivets ( Lengths: 13.6mm 0mm, 24.0mm)

2. 4.8 mm Trifold rivets ( Lengths: 15.3mm 20.5mm, 24.5mm) 4.8 mm trifold rivets are also available in large flange heads

3. 5.2 mm Trifold rivets ( Lengths: 17.9mm, 20.5mm)

Trifold Rivet

Trifold Rivet

Colored Trifold Rivet

Black Trifold Rivet